The Screenshot is a program that allows you to capture whatever is viewed on your system screen. Suppose you are purchasing something online or you see some technical issue on your computer screen, in that case, you don’t need to download it. You can simply take a screenshot for further evidence. MacBook is a brand of notebook computer produced by Apple. It offers screenshot application that captures the entire screen and saves it on the desktop.

The past two generations have seen a drastic change in technology advancement. Some 50 years ago, there was no talk about personal computers but today we have the most advanced computers (Smartphone) in our pockets. Today we can do what we want to do. Everything is too easy but this was not the case from the beginning.

When your Mac device is not able to connect a network, there is always an address assigned to your device called IP address. When your device is connected to the network it will surely have an IP address that describes your location on a local network and that external IP is your IP address, however, IP varies device to device.