When your Mac device is not able to connect a network, there is always an address assigned to your device called IP address. When your device is connected to the network it will surely have an IP address that describes your location on a local network and that external IP is your IP address, however, IP varies device to device.

Steps to find your internal IP address:

Procedure: 1

Turn on your Mac device and go to “Apple” icon that is just left side of your screen of menu bar. Then, you have to choose “System Preferences” from the list you get.

Next, go to “Network icon” and once you are done with this, you have to select one option from Ethernet or Airport Wi-Fi options and you can find your IP address under the given connections.

A.Status for Airport.
B.IP address for Ethernet.

Procedure: 2 Mac OS X (OS X 10.4)

Turn on your device and choose “Apple” icon and go to “System Preferences” and then click on “Network” icon.

Now follow the same steps that are mentioned above and you reach to connection process. Now you have to choose your connection and click on a connection that you wish to look IP address for.

In case, you have wired connection then you have to choose “In-built Ethernet” or if you have a wireless connection then click “Airport”.

Next, you need to click on “TCP/IP” tab, where you can look for a listed IP in the drop-down.

Procedure: 3 finding internal IP using the terminal

First, turn on your Mac device and then open terminal on your device. Then, you have to use the given command “ifconfig | grep “inet” | grep -v”

Now you need to make sure it removes entry, which will always show regardless of the system you are using.

Now you have to copy your IP address that will be visible just next to “inet” entry.

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